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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the result from the Heartstyles Indicator fixed or does it change over time?

    Heartstyles Indicator provides a measure of effective and ineffective behaviour that can change daily. It is the emotional intelligence, character, self-awareness and insight into one’s behaviour – thus our impact. Therefore it is not a fixed measure of your personality type but rather an insight into what are is going on for you at a given point in time. The results from your Indicator will change over time in accordance with the insight and changes that you decide to introduce to your character.

  • Do you offer online learning?

    Yes, within our Continuous Professional Development program we have a range of videos that we add to on a monthly basis use to sustain the learning.

  • How much does it cost to receive a Heartstyles personal report?

    Prices start from £35 pp (based on an individual report). The greater number of participants the more savings there are to be made. We would be happy to provide you a detailed costing, please do get in touch to discuss with one of our team

  • Is the HSi available in other languages?

    Yes, in January 2017 we will launch the first of 25 additional languages, starting with Russian.

  • Can I purchase the Heartstyles reports as an individual without attending a Leading with Heart program?

    No, not at this stage. What makes Heartstyles unique is that the debrief for understanding the report generated from the online questionnaire (the Personal Development Guide) is a 2-day experiential program; Leading with Heart. One of the central component of this program is concerned with “Why we do the things we do”.

    In 2017 we intend to release the MyPack self-assessment only to individuals.

  • How long does it take to complete the HSi?

    10-15 minutes.

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