Losing weight, living life


A very good friend of mine has lost more than 25kg—that’s 3 stone, 13 pound. His before and after photos are incredible and he’s posted some great ‘old and new’ Facebook photos of his trousers. It’s an amazing achievement.

Similarly, when we choose to live life Above The Line rather than Below The Line, we lose a lot of weight. We lose heaviness, pain and the things we call strongholds that hold us down.

I’ve noticed my friend’s weight loss has not only impacted him—it has motivated everyone around him. His wife even joined him on the challenge and it’s been fabulous for them as a couple. He is now fully engaged in life, into travel, sport and great, healthy food! I noticed that as he changed his attitude to health, he also changed his attitude to life.

At Heartstyles we believe that as people choose to redirect their attitudes, behaviours and values from a Below The Line and ineffective place and begin to live effectively and Above The Line, they lose the weight they’re carrying. The positive impact of that is not only felt by them but by their families, those they have relationship with, and the world around them.

In business, when people have this same attitude and behaviour shift, the positive impact can be seen and felt by their team, their boss and customers. They may even find themselves getting promoted—all because of this new, Above The Line attitude.

So, how do we shift our values and lose that Below The Line weight? How do we begin to live with a different attitude?

Identify the things that weigh you down. Where is life heavy and hard? In those places you’ll tend to find Below The Line attitudes and behaviours. Identify the situations that trigger this Below The Line behaviour. Self-awareness is the first step.

Develop discipline. It takes a heart decision, grit and discipline to choose to shift to Above The Line attitudes and behaviours, much like the heart decision and discipline required to choose to lose weight. Most struggle to find the courage in their heart to choose to start and take those first steps. I encourage you to commit to shift each day for a week; then each day for another week and continue for three weeks. Watch the change that can occur in just three weeks!

Set new goals. Cultivate new behaviours and with this new, positive attitude, expect the unexpected. Expect a promotion. Expect more flow in life because that’s what happens for people who live Above The Line.

Choose courage, develop discipline and feel the flow of losing weight and living life Above The Live.

Stephen Klemich [CEO, Founder]

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engage “1. To occupy the attention or efforts of a person. A person choosing to involve oneself in or commit oneself to something.” Engagement is proving to be a key factor of high performance in the workplace. Employee Engagement and Great Place To Work surveys have been correlated to business performance. Is it just brand and product/service engagement or is there something special that engages individuals? We believe there is and thatmore



Character development is what happens inside our heart and mind that enables us to live life Above The Line. As a person develops their character, life becomes abundant in every way; in relationships, promotions, health and happiness. There’s a price for not developing character and there is an investment required to strengthen character on the development journey. Heartstyles is a character compass describing Above The Line effective behaviour and Below The Linemore

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