Transform people who drive performance

Case Study

Heartstyles has been the culture tool and process used in the turnaround of an iconic restaurant chain in the UK. It has been used to transform people’s lives and they, at the frontline, have delivered results for the organisation.


What our clients say

“Heartstyles has been the cornerstone of the great culture we have developed over the past 4-5 years. During this time our financial results have been the best our business has ever seen and a significant part of that is due to the Heartstyles programme.”

Tony Lowings, Managing Director — KFC

“Heartstyles is a tool that has always been hugely convincing to me in the way I run my business. It allows me to measure how we are making progress as to whether we are working effectively as a team.”

Jens Hofma, CEO PH Restaurants UK

“One of the best ways to understand which of our behaviours are more effective than others is by using tools like Heartstyles that provide a vehicle for receiving feedback about ourselves from others.”

Darren Marshall, General Manager - Kennards Self Storage

Case Study

Find out why Kennards Self Storage continue to rely on Heartstyles to manage and measure their culture year after year.